Yannick Lemarchand

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of IAS-Nantes



Initially trained in economics, and history of science and technology, Yannick Lemarchand devotes its research to the history of knowledge and management practices, especially the history of accounting techniques. His work raised issues including the origins and conditions of emergence of these tools and their dissemination and their role in the evolution of organizations in relation to the economic, political, social and cultural context.
In recent years he has worked mainly on the modern period, focusing in parallel to public and private management. The first was addressed through an interdisciplinary program devoted to reforms of public accounting in Europe, as part of the construction of the modern State. The second has been addressed through a series of research on transatlantic trade practices in the eighteenth century, the slave trade, conducted in collaboration with Cheryl McWatters (University of Alberta in Edmonton) through the example of trading in Nantes. The project that will be developed during the stay at the IAS is a direct extension of this work.
Yannick Lemarchand participates on the editorial boards of several French and foreign journals: Accounting Business and Financial History, Comptabilité - contrôle - audit, Contabilità e Cultura Aziendale, De Computis. Revista Española de Historia de la Contabilidad, European Accounting Review, Finance - contrôle - stratégie, Histoire et Mesure. Besides his research, he also held various management responsibilities, including management of the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Ange-Guépin at Nantes, from 2005 to 2008.