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The Board of trustees

The Board of trustees

The board of trustees draws and evaluates the scientific policy of the Institute, appoints the Collegial Direction Team and the Secretary General. It receives, discusses and approves the activity report, the annual accounts and the action plan of the Foundation.

The board of trustees is composed of 12 members, divided into 3 categories: founding members, institutional members and coopted members. Other persons may attend the meeting with a consultative role: the government commissioner, the president of the scientific council, the president of the sponsors committee, the Collegial Direction Team and the Secretary General of the Institute.


Composition of the Board of Trustees


The founding members

  • Johanna Rolland, Mayor of the City of Nantes and President of Nantes Metropole. President of the IAS-Nantes Foundation.
  • Antoine Frérot, CEO of Veolia Environnement.
  • Pierre Victoria, Director representing Veolia Environnement employees. Treasurer of the IAS-Nantes Foundation.
  • Thomas Hunkeler, full Professor of French litterature at the Fribourg University.

The institutional members

  • Hamida Demirdache, Deputy Scientific Director of the Institute for Social Sciences and Humanities of CNRS.
  • Carine Bernault, President of the University of Nantes.

The coopted members

Consultative members

  • Magali Reghezza-Zitt, Research Director at CNRS, Government commissioner.
  • Rachel RiedlProfessor and Director of the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies, and John S. Knight Professor of International Studies at Cornell University (USA), Chair of the Scientific Council.