Residency at IAS-Nantes

Residency at IAS-Nantes

Former Fellows

The Institute has hosted Fellows at the 5, allée Jacques Berque since January 2009. However, before that, a scientific program - called Program for Advanced Study - was implemented since 2004, and allowed hosting various scientific figures for durations ranging from several days to months.


You may find about former Fellows since 2004, making search by name, year or disciplines : Former Fellows page

The IAS-Nantes’ core mission shows in the invitation of researchers, selected for the quality and originality of their work, and that are chosen as a group to constitute the yearly intake of Fellows hosted at the Institute.

However, not only researchers are hosted at the Institute. Every year, IAS-Nantes invites one or two artists (musician, plastic artists, writers or film directors) to join the group.



Personalised services

As soon as they start preparing their stay in Nantes, the Fellows are provided with highly personalised services that take into account their specific needs and constraints. Once arrived, they are helped with all administrative procedures (residence permit, bank account…).


The Fellows are offered linguistic assistance to facilitate exchanges between the French and English speakers during seminars and conferences. The Julien Gracq library looks for and makes available the documentary resources. Fellows can receive logistical assistance with their business trips. Computer configuration and IT support are provided. Everyday life issues, whether they may be technical problems or of any other nature, can be taken care of by asking help from the Institute’s reception desk.

An architecture dedicated to research

The IAS-Nantes is situated in a unique building, located on the banks of the Loire river and specifically designed for its needs. There can be found about twenty individual offices fully equipped, a resource center (the Julien Gracq library), a lounge/restaurant with a loggia, a patio with garden, an amphitheater and various meeting rooms.

 Moreover, the IAS has twenty fully equipped apartments (from a studio to a three-bedroom apartment) that can be attributed to Fellows, taking into account the size of their family. Located in a building adjacent to the IAS’, these apartments allow the Fellows to come and go at any time of the day or the night.

At the heart of the city

Even though it is located on the banks of the Loire river and preserved from the sound of traffic, the Institute is found at the heart of the city. Just 5 minutes’ walk from the train station connecting Nantes to Paris in 2 hours, the Institute is in the immediate vicinity of town center, thus enabling touristic walks through the city. The Fellows are informed of the cultural and scientific events of Nantes and its surroundings. Besides, the Institute welcomes the inhabitants of Nantes to profit from the series of lectures held all year long.

Presentation of a sample apartment

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Presentation of an office

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