The Sponsors

Independence and responsibilities

The IAS-Nantes was established as a public interest foundation by a decree on April 4th, 2008 (official journal April 6th, 2008). This legal status guarantees the scientific independence and durability of the Institute. The Board of Trustees (chaired by the President of Nantes of Nantes Metropole and mayor of the city of Nantes, Mrs Johanna Rolland) supervises the management of the Institute, determines its policy, votes for the Director and appoints the Secretary General suggested by the Director.

The IAS-Nantes is recognized by both the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of the Interior. A government commissioner is member of the Board of Trustees (consultative member). The accounts of the Institute are audited by a certified public accountant and authenticated by an external auditor. The annual report, the provisional budget as well as the annual accounts are communicated to the Prefect of Loire Atlantique as well as the Ministry of Education and Research and Ministry of the Interior.

Sponsors from public and private sectors

Public Sponsors

Private Sponsors

Support IAS-Nantes

There are many ways to support the IAS-Nantes. Depending on their commitment, sponsors can get involved for :

  • the coverage of a particular element in the life of the Institute (a conference, a symposium, a publication,etc)
  • supporting activities of certain Fellows with a grant (multi-year support for the creation of a temporary chair for which the sponsor can choose the chair holder amongst the Fellows selected by the IAS Academic Committee)
  • the creation of a long lasting chair for the Institute to Invite researchers within a thematic or geographical framework in accordance with its scientific policy (through a capital endowment);
  • supporting the whole range of activities of the Institute (through a grant or a capital endowment).


The donations made to IAS-Nantes are covered by the law of July 23rd 1987 on sponsorship development. The donations permit a tax reduction (company tax or income tax) of 60 % of the amount of the payment within the limits of 5 per thousand of the turnover (article 238 bis 1-a CGI). In case of overspending these limits or if the fiscal year is negative, the company has the possibility of postponing the advantage of the deductibility within 5 years from the date of the payment.

The donations made by private individuals in favour of the Nantes Institute for Advanced Study give the right to a tax reduction of 66 % within the limits of 20 % of the incomes of the donor. If the donations made by the taxpayer exceed the ceiling of 20 % of its incomes, the donor has the possibility of postponing the deduction of the surplus until up to 5 years.

The donations in favour of the Institute allow donors paying the ISF (“impôt sur la fortune”) to seek for its reduction up to a level of 75 % of the donation, within the limits of 50.000 euros a year.

An heir can donate sums, rights or values received from the deceased in favour of a state-approved foundation and so may benefit from a deduction on transfer taxes on his net part. This deduction corresponds to the value of the properties or to the sums given in re-use.