Admission procedure

Admission procedure

Applications for a Fellowship at Nantes Institute for Advanced Study in 2020-2021 can be submitted until the 31st of October 2019 for the "Health of the Future" and "Industrialisation of Future" chairs.

The admission procedure is twofold: the application goes through a scientific and an administrative review. Each application is first evaluated by two experts using the highest international standards. A member of the scientific advisory board then assesses the adequacy of the application with the Institute’s policy. Each member of the Scientific Board looks through all the applications in order to identify possible connections between the different applicants. The Scientific Board finally gathers for a collegial discussion.

If the final assessment is positive, the Secretary General of the Institute contacts the applicant, and discusses the legal, administrative and financial conditions of the Fellowship agreement. Once the legal negotiation is concluded, the Director of the Institute sends an official invitation letter to the successful applicant. 

Scientific evaluations will be conducted from November to January. The administrative phase which follows should lead to an agreement by the following January, in order to best prepare the Fellows’ arrival in October.

Health of the Future
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Industrialisation of Future
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How to apply?

From 2019, applications must be submitted online on the following webpage:

First, each candidate is asked to create an account that will be validated by Admissions within 48h. Once their account has been approved, candidates can submit their application online in several steps. The following documents, in PDF format, will need to be uploaded for a complete application:

  • An exhaustive and up to date curriculum vitae, including a list of publications,
  • A research project for the time of the Fellowship in Nantes (from 5 to 10 pages, in French or in English),
  • Two significant publications: articles, books or collective books (if one of the publications is a book, please indicate which chapter(s) the reviewers should pay the most attention to and please provide these chapters as pdf files).

Publications must be preferably in English or in French and must include the name of the journal and the date of publication. If you wish to send us books, you are required to scan part or totality of the document and submit it as PDF file. No book will be accepted.

How long does a Fellowship at IAS-Nantes last?

Each Fellowship starts on 1st October and ends on 30th June (9 months). Some Fellows are not able to obtain a leave for such a period of time. For this reason, the IAS-Nantes sets aside some offices dedicated to shorter stays such as 3 or 6 months. These short Fellowships must start in October, January or April. However, shorter Fellowships can only remain occasional, as time has shown that Fellows who reside at the Institute for the entire academic year seem to experience more fruitful interactions. We therefore strongly encourage applicants to consider and reunite the conditions to apply for a 9 months Fellowship.

When should applications be sent?

Applications for a 2020-2021 Fellowship can now be submitted, and this until 31st October 2019 for the "Health of the Future" and "Industrialisation of Future" chairs.