Support the Institute

Support the Institute

Qu'est-ce que soutenir l'IEA de Nantes ?

Depuis sa création, l'Institut est financé grâce à des partenaires publics et privés qui savent que soutenir la recherche fondamentale et la communauté transdiciplinaire et internationale est primordial pour notre avenir à tous.

Il existe différentes façons de soutenir l’IEA de Nantes à travers diverses activités scientifiques : 

  • un événement ponctuel (une conférence, un colloque, une publication, etc.) ;

  • l’accueil et les activités de certains chercheurs résidents pendant une durée contractuellement définie (soutien pluriannuel dans le cadre de la création d’une chaire temporaire, le donateur ayant la possibilité chaque année de choisir le(s) lauréat(s) parmi les candidats sélectionnés par le conseil scientifique de l’IEA) ;

  • la création d’une chaire pérenne, permettant d’inviter de façon récurrente des chercheurs en résidence sur une base thématique ou géographique définie en accord avec la politique scientifique de l’IEA (par une donation en capital) ;

  • l’ensemble des activités de l’institut (par le versement d’une subvention ou par une donation en capital).


Are you a Fellow who wishes to support your Institute?

Initiated by the Fellows (resident researchers) for the year 2017-2018, the support of the Fellows goes straight to the heart of the entire Institute team. Particularly aware of the importance of the Institute for the future of research and the well-being of future generations, the researchers at the IAS-Nantes wanted to contribute by supporting it financially through the Fellows’ Fellowship.

As a former Fellow of the Institute, you can also contribute to this Chair by clicking here, on the link of the current campaign.

Vous êtes particulier et vous souhaitez soutenir l'IEA de Nantes ?


Today, and since its creation, the Institute is financed thanks to public and private partners who have understood that supporting the Institute means supporting fundamental research and the transdisciplinary and international community working on our future.

Supporting us directly online is possible!

You can make a donation (one-off or monthly) by credit card or by cheque:


Since the IAS-Nantes is a foundation recognised as being of public utility, donations made to the IEA in Nantes are therefore subject to the provisions of the law of 23 July 1987 on the development of patronage. Donations made by private individuals are deductible from income tax, up to 66%, up to a limit of 20% of the donor’s income. If the donations made by the taxpayer exceed the limit of 20% of his income, the donor has the possibility of deferring the deduction of the excess over 5 years. As an example, for a donation of 50€, the actual cost is 17€.

Donations to the IAS-Nantes made by private individuals subject to property wealth tax may entitle the donor to a reduction of this tax up to 75% of the donation, up to a limit of €50,000 per year.

Donations made to the IAS-Nantes by an heir on the occasion of an inheritance give rise to a reduction in transfer tax on the donor’s net share. This allowance corresponds to the value of the assets or the sums given for re-investment.

The IAS-Nantes can receive donations from any country.

Our foreign donors, like our French donors, can benefit from tax advantages, thanks to Friends of or Transnational Giving Europe, particularly in the United States and Europe. Contact us and we will help you benefit from these advantages.

Are you a company who would like to support us? More than just a sponsor, become our partner

The IAS-Nantes wishes to fully involve its patrons in its mission and activities. In order to forge a real relationship that goes beyond financial support, we thank our donors and corporate patrons in a personalised way, from different levels of sponsorship, so that you can benefit from this unique place and the work carried out here.

Contact us to find out about the partnership possibilities available:

+33 2 53 00 93 00 -

Donations granted by companies are eligible for a tax reduction (corporate or income tax) of 60% of the amount of the payment within the limit of 5 per thousand of the turnover (article 238 bis 1-a CGI). If this limit is exceeded or if the company’s financial year is loss-making, the company has the possibility of deferring the benefit of deductibility over the 5 years following that of the payment. As an example, a donation of €100,000, enabling you to finance the hosting of a researcher, will in fact only cost you €40,000.

They are already supporting or they supported us and we thank them for it!


Consult our brochure "Thinking the world differently"

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