Violence and Non-Violence across Time
26 june 2018

Violence and Non-Violence across Time

Sudhir Chandra, historian and researcher-in-residence of the Institute for Advanced Studies, has just published " Violence and Non-Violence Across Time, History, Religion and Culture", Routledge pushling.

This publication brings together the articles of Charles Malamoud, Philippe Bobichon and also many Fellows of the Institute such as Suleiman A. Mourad, José E. Burucúa, Pierre Musso, Alok Bhalla, Marc Chopplet, Abaher El Sakka, Roger Jeffery or Cristina Ciucu who participated in the two workshops conducted in December 2013 and May 2014. A presentation of the workshop is available online here: "War without violence: from the nightmare of violence to the dream of non-violence".

Presentation of the book

This book explores the complex interaction, through time and culture, of violence and non-violence today. One of the first of its kind, it offers a comprehensive examination of the interpenetration of violence and non-violence in human nature as well as in human resources with reference to different continents, cultures and religions over the centuries. He underlines the current paradox that even if unprecedented violence threatens the very survival of humanity, non-violence appears as an unlikely feasible alternative.

This book is to be found on the website of the publisher Routledge and for more information on Sudhir Chandra, please visit his personal page.