21 december 2010

The need to update UNO

by Justice David ANNOUSSAMY

Born in Pondichery in 1927, David Annoussamy defended a doctoral thesis in legal studies in Montpellier (France) in 1955. Back in India, he was appointed at the Supreme Court and tought at the University. He is among the very few French speaking legal scholars. He is a correspondant member of the Nantes IAS since 2008.


1- Shortcomings of the institution

In private conversations, when you speak of the UNO, someone intervenes to ask whether it still exists. In fact nowadays there is not much mention of the institution in the press in contrast with the situation as it prevailed some 20 or 30 years ago. Even the UNO Day passes unnoticed, with hardly some talks without conviction in schools and colleges. Why and how did we reach this stage? The simple answer is that the action of the ONU is more and more rare and insignificant.

In the socio-economic front, action has been continuously disappointing. It is true that some countries have registered phenomenal progress, but that happened without the help of the UNO. The downtrodden people of poor countries are soaked in misery, are deprived of drinking water and elementary medical care; they even die of starvation. Inequality between men is growing more and more. It is estimated that 1% of the world population owns 4O% of the total wealth and that half of the world population has access only to 1% of the global wealth. The help afforded by UNO is utterly insufficient; even that much is ill conceived and proves often inefficient.(...)

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