14 may 2014

"Riddles of the book" an interview of Souleiman Mourad, Fellow at IAS-Nantes in 2012-2013, in the New Left Review

New Left Review 86, March/April 2014

Suleiman Mourad is Professor of Religion at Smith College, USA. His research focuses on Qur’anic Studies, Jihad ideology during the Crusader period, symbolism of Jerusalem in Islam, and the presentation of Mary and Jesus in the Qur’an and Islamic scholarship.


The journal of political and economical analysis The New Left Review publishes in its latest issue an inerview of Suleiman Mourad conducted by Perry Anderson, duringtheir common stay at IAS-Nantes in 2012-2013. They discuss the formation and trajectory of the last great Abrahamic religion, the tensions between ecumenicism and jihad, pan-Islamism and division of the umma, and a bleak present of recrudescent sectarianism.


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