Public lectures in 2014-2015
05 september 2014

Public lectures in 2014-2015

Unless otherwise mentionned lectures take place at 5, allée Jacques Berque, Simone Weil amphitheater


All lectures are being recorded and videos are made available short after the event on the page "IAS videos - lectures 2014-2015". You may as well access videos of lectures given before on the page "IAS videos".







Lecture (in english) of Talya Fishman and Jonathan Brown titled "From sacred to legal : Normative texts and textual communities" in association with IAS-Nantes for the final seminar of the European Project RELMIN
Tuesday October 21st 2014
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 Lecture by François FLAHAULT titled :"General anthropology, between biology and human sciences"
Tuesday, October 28th 2014
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Lecture by Romain LAUFER : titled "Institution, Law and Management : the uncertainty of limits"
Tuesday, November 25th, 2014
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Lecture by Béatrice HIBOU : titled ""Bureaucratisation néolibérale et réformes permanentes. De quelle crise parle-t-on ?"
Monday December 8th 2014
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Lecture by Jean-François AKANDJI-KOMBE titled : "Social rights and European Law, from today to tomorrow"
Tuesday December 9th 2014
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Lecture by Olivier REY : "Being the Right Size"
Tuesday January 13th 2015
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Lecture by Michel AGLIETTA
Monday January 19th 2015
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Lecture by David HIEZ : "The social and solidarity economy, germ of an alternative to capitalism"
Tuesday February 3rd 2015
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 Lecture by Suresh SHARMA : "Hind Swaraj"
Tuesday February 10th 2015
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Lecture by Antoine GARAPON : "The events of the 7-9th January 2015"
Tuesday February 24th 2015
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Lecture by Helga NOWOTNY titled : "A social scientist in the land of scientific promise“
Tuesday, March 10th, 2015
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Lecture by Isabelle GUERIN "Drifts in microfinance : emancipating, educating or exploiting"
Tuesday March 17th  2015
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Lecture by Boris SAMUEL
Monday, March 23rd 2015
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Lecture by Alain SUPIOT  to present his latest book  "La Gouvernance par les Nombres".
Tuesday, March  24th 2015
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Lecture by Karima DIRECHE: "Evangelical networks in Maghreb. From a faith to another"
Tuesday April 7th 2015
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Lecture by Karla HOFF: “Overview of the World Development Report 2015: Mind, Society, and Behavior”
Tuesday April 28th 2015
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Lecture by Mary S.MORGAN: "Poverty Measures: Aggregating Up to Get Back Down Again"
Tuesday May 5th 2015
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Lecture by Yehouda SHENHAV: "Beyond the banality of evil: from The origins of totalitarianism to Eichmann in Jerusalem"
Tuesday May 12th 2015
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Lecture by François MORIN: "Chances de vie ou risques de mort de notre planète : Le combat contre l’hydre bancaire mondiale"
Tuesday May 19th 2015
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Lecture by Aicha BELARBI:  "L’éducation des filles au Maroc sous le protectorat"
Tuesday June 2nd 2015
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Lecture by Souleiman MOURAD: "Islam between Tolerence and Terrorism"
Tuesday June 16th 2015
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Lecture by Michel BITBOL: "La conception naturaliste de la conscience à l’épreuve du dialogue socratique"
Tuesday June 23rd 2015

Lecture “Eastern and Western: the images of the world” by Sudhir Chandra, Svante Fischer et Ki-Won Hong
Thursday June 25th 2015
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