Lecture by  Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Salah
10 may 2016

Lecture by Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Salah "The responsibility of financial institutions in human rights violations"

Tuesday, 10th May 2016 at 6pm in the Simone Weil Amphitheatre.


Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Salah is a professor of law (after obtaining a French qualification in private and criminal law from 1988-1989), he has been professor at the university of Nouakchott since 1989 and associate or visiting professor at several foreign universities and at the Hague Academy of International Law. He has also been a lawyer at the Nouakchott bar since 1989, specializing in business law and economic, domestic and international law.

A member of the research group in Law, Economics and Management (GREDEG – UMR – CNRS), he is the author of numerous publications in economic and international law including: The contradictions of globalized law (ed. PUF – 2002) and The irruption of human rights in international economic order: Myth or reality?(LGDJ – Lextenso 2012).



 International financial institutions – in particular the IMF and the World Bank – have, over the years, acquired considerable power so that their decisions now affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people. The question of submitting their activities and interventions to international human rights law – in particular those relating to economic models and policies which are imposed on States who seek their assistance - is of crucial interest in this context.

The aim of this conference is precisely to demonstrate that, notwithstanding the objections generally raised, these institutions, connected in various ways by international human rights law, may be liable for the negative consequences of their interventions on certain human rights, particularly social rights.

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