Narratives of the Self : Women and Anti-Colonial Politics

30 May 2024
Category Atelier/Colloque

Organisé par Dina HESHMAT (American University in Cairo, fellows 2022-2023), Alia MOSSALLAM (EUME, Berlin), Mai TAHA (London School of Economics and Political Science) et Natalya VINCE (University of Oxford)

Dina Hesmat

A l’Institut d’études avancées de Nantes 
5 allée Jacques Berque 44000 Nantes


L’atelier se déroulera en anglais sans interprétation.

Cet évènement n’est pas public.

This workshop focuses on women involved in revolutionary politics at different moments of the anti-colonial struggle in the Arab world (and beyond). It is based on the premise that their voices have been marginalized in dominant memories of the nationalist movements. 

We will discuss ways of tracing the often-overlooked modalities of their contributions, share strategies to retrieve their voices, and closely read their own narratives. We will work with a wide range of documents, photographs, and narratives, including memoirs, oral history interviews and letters to rethink those historical moments from the margins. 

How did they negotiate their participation in the struggle, how did they narrate it, and to what extent did they resist the silencing of their voices? How do our own imaginings about feminism, friendship and solidarity shape our understanding of their struggle? And how do we read their voices without reducing them to an embodiment of these imaginings? 

These questions will guide us as we bring together different experiences from across nationalist struggles, to tell a different story on the histories of revolution in the region.