The Agence d'urbanisme de la région nantaise (Auran) is an associative structure created in 1978, which produces analyses, deciphers trends, updates data for local authorities (Nantes Métropole, Conseil Départemental, Conseil Régional, intercommunalités, communes...) and assists in the development of public policies.

It is a partnership-based decision-making tool for elected representatives, and a resource for understanding and remembering territories. The Agency observes, provides expertise and produces analyses in a wide range of fields, including demographics, the economy, urban planning, housing, the environment, mobility, energy, land, food, etc., and helps to ensure the coherence of public policies across territories. The Agency employs a multi-disciplinary team of urban planners, architects, engineers, geographers, sociologists, economists, computer graphics specialists, etc.

By joining forces with the "Habiter au prisme des limites planétaires" chair, Auran aims to combine a "micro" vision of living spaces with a more "macro" vision of urban development, combining foresight and innovation, territorial strategy and planning, and pre-operational approaches. The aim of the Chair is to inspire new project methodologies that can bridge the gap between strategic thinking and operational implementation, in response to the challenges of the 21st century in terms of living forms and lifestyles.