Logistics & catering



I'm responsible for the smooth running of the logistical and organisational aspects of the Institute's day-to-day life (everyday life or events). I look after the residences and the needs of the people who live there. I also make sure that the spaces for employees and residents remain comfortable and available, which contributes to the warm atmosphere at the Institut.


I'm still a student. I come from the world of entertainment: I come from a family in the world of culture and I do theatre at the Conservatoire de Nantes. It's a first for me to come into contact with this facet of the working world that I'm encountering at the Institut. I'm enjoying forging links with the people who populate the Institute and, at the same time, I'm developing new organisational and logistical skills.


I enjoy combining different art forms, always based around live performances such as theatre, dubbing and dance. I also like to try my hand at different languages (I've fallen in love with Italian)... I really enjoy going to see shows all over the place in Nantes and elsewhere. My favourite thing to do, though, is to listen and chat for a long time over an outdoor drink, accompanied by a nice bit of sunshine and a cool breeze along the river Erdre.