Samuel JUBÉ


Director of the IAS-Nantes from 2013 to 2018 and Permanent Fellow

Samuel JUBÉ

Samuel Jubé holds a Ph.D in Law (Nantes, France, 2008). He taught at the University of Nantes and at Rennes 1 University, before becoming Secretary General of the Nantes Institute for Advanced Studies Foundation. In 2012, he was appointed Director by the Board of Directors of the Foundation Director for a five-year term (2013-2018). Since August 1, 2018, he has been a permanent member of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Nantes. His research lies at the crossroads of law, history, economics and management sciences and is focused on the institutional conditions of confidence in the economic field. He first focused on the normative cross-fertilization between labor law and accounting technique, to propose a novel vision of national and international accounting standardization (see in Droit social et normalisation comptable, 2011, LGDJ). His analyzes of the institutional interdependence of the commensurable and immeasurable invite to reconsider more broadly the links between, on the one hand, social and environmental law, and on the other hand accounting and money. This is to shed light on both the institutional basis of "credit systems" and the transformations of the global legal order brought about by the emergence of transnational technical standardization.