Marija BARTL


Law, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Netherlands
Marija BARTL

Janvier à Juin 2018


Marija Bartl is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, Amsterdam, and a senior researcher at the project 'The Architecture of Post-National Rulemaking'. She wrote her PhD thesis at the European University Institute in Florence. Marija Bartl's current research focuses on the relationship between democracy, expertise and market integration. Recently, she was awarded a personal research grant VENI for a project 'Bringing Democracy to Markets: TIIP and the Politics of Knowledge in Postnational Governance'. In this project she explores the interrelation between democracy, knowledge production and market-making on the background of the transatlantic trade negotiations

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Making Markets Beyond The State: The politics of law and knowledge

This project aims to shed light on one central paradox in the process of the transnationalisation of markets. In liberal democracies, markets are political 'all the way down'. Beyond the state, however, we see largely de-politicised transnational markets, limited in terms of who has political subjectivity (who are the stakeholders), who governs (the role of experts) but also in the range of ways in which those markets can be regulated (e.g. lacking (re)distribution). How can we explain the impending integration of depoliticised transnational markets - a project that would be largely imaginable within nation state boundaries?' Drawing on recent attempts at creating Transatlantic markets with Canada and the US, Marija Bartl will analyse how the coproduction of law and knowledge serves to legitimise and naturalise depoliticised transnational markets.


BARTL, Marija. Contesting Austerity: On the Limits of EU Knowledge Governance, forthcoming in Journal of Law and Society, March 2017

BARTL, Marija. Regulatory Convergence through the Backdoor: TT/P's Regulatory Cooperation and the Future of Precaution in Europe, forthcoming in German Law Journal 2017

BARTL, Marija. Internal Market Rationality, Private Law and the Direction of the Union: Resuscitating the Market as the Object of the Political, European Law Journal, 4/2015.

BARTL, Marija. The Way We Do Europe: Subsidiarity and the Substantive Democratic Deficit, European Law Journal, 1/2015

BARTL, Marija. Affordability of Energy: How much Protection for Vulnerable Consumers? Journal of Consumer Policy, 3/2010.