Alhousseini DIABATE


Professor-researcher at Université des Sciences Juridiques et Politiques of Bamako

Alhousseini DIABATE

Octobre à décembre 2020


Of Malian nationality, Alhousseini Diabaté did his Master and Doctorate studies at the University of Nantes where he defended in February 2014 a thesis on the subject The Legal Protection of the Consumer of Food to the Test of Economic Liberalism in a Developing Country: the Example of Mali. During his doctoral studies in Nantes, he was an active member of the European research program Lascaux (7th Framework Program ERC Convention n° 230400). Since April 2014, he is professor-researcher at Université des Sciences Juridiques et Politiques of Bamako, in Mali where he created and is the Director of a Master's in economic law and a Master's in land and agro-business law. In 2015 and 2017, he was a visiting scholar at the University of Seville, Spain. His research focuses on consumer law, economic law, food law, globalization law and its impact on food, land and environmental issues in West Africa.

Search project

The regulation of access to land and food in West Africa: between issues of globalization and local imperatives

This research project, carried out in collaboration with other researchers in different disciplines, aims to fill a gap in current research by a scientific analysis of food insecurity in West Africa through its legal as well as non-legal causes, within a substantial, global and transversal approach, articulating soil, land, market and food in order to propose promising solutions. Thus, the means of sustainable soil management and legal protection of soils will be considered in order to preserve soil fertility. Because this fertility is a necessary condition for the food self-sufficiency of local populations and the preservation of the food security for the future generations. A legal framework based on spatial planning (national and regional) will also be drafted to consider the legal means of equitable access to land and its resources, in order to ensure the achievement of sovereignty policies, self-sufficiency and food security in an integrated, articulated and coherent system. It will then be necessary to design models of fair contracts or specifications that could lead to a responsible investment label. It will no doubt also be necessary to think about an exceptional right for agriculture, based on mechanisms that can effectively secure the legitimate rights of local populations while respecting their customary rights. Because this is one of the peculiarities in Africa that make coexist and compete a modern land right derived from colonization and a customary law.


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