Rendez-vous de la bibliothèque

08 November 2023
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Rendez-vous de la bibliothèque

Wednesday, november 08, 2023 - 6pm
Rendez-vous de la bibliothèque
Camille de Toledo

"Une histoire du vertige, in its own unique way, is a book of adventures. It opens with Don Quixote on the run: a man enchanted by fiction, and so much like us. And from there, it turns tirelessly around a species: ours, asking how we destroy our earthly supports? [...] He talks about us, about our loss of balance, our feeling that nothing holds, that everything is collapsing; but by teaching us, little by little, to hold on in the vertigo. By connecting us to an infinite, much larger world, where the little 'I's of modern times fade away." - Éditions Verdier.

Open to all with registration:
6pm - Bibliothèque Julien Gracq, 5 allée Jacques Berque 44000 Nantes