#15ans - Muriel Pic - Les preneurs d’astres

19 June 2024
Ciel EG



Institut d'études avancées de Nantes
Amphithéâtre Simone Weil
5, allée Jacques Berque – 44000 NANTES
Tél. 02 53 00 94 87



The star-gatherers are a people whose science is not only rational. They are a community with an uncommon intelligence of orientation.

They have developed a multitude of ruses, devices and methods of perception to read the signs of nature, to give such and such a movement, such and such a shape, a direction, a raison d'être and a sensitive presence. Star gazers know how to read the sky chart just as well as books, but also dreams, the sound of the wind, rivers, the shape of clouds and constellations.

Their first faculty is imagination, which makes thought poetic and plastic, sharing and binding. Star gazers are philosophers, poets, birds, salmon, natives, magicians and children. Thanks to their intelligence of orientation, they inhabit the world by thinking it, they think the world by inhabiting it. They sometimes engage in collective conversations to consider questions of knowledge policy for their institution.

The performance, film and reading, will be presented as a colloquium of star-getters, a conversation between instances, voices and initials, on what it means to orient oneself in thought and the world. She captures the Institute's archives through imagination.

Muriel Pic is a 23-24 resident at the Institut, in collaboration with the Maison de la Poésie de Nantes.