Caimme De Toledo : And the Loire became a subject of law...

11 October 2022
#IDÉES DÉBATS : "Et la Loire devint un sujet de droit…" avec Camille de Toledo, résident IEA de Nantes 2022 au lieu unique dans le cadre de notre partenariat.

6:00 pm


Le lieu unique

New cycle of the partnership with le lieu unique

11/10 at 6pm

The audience is invited to hear the "uprising" of the river. In this choral performance, Camille de Toledo and two actors/citizens (Suzanne Gobel and Catherine Guinel) engage in a translation of the river's voices. Accompanied by the sounds of Rodolphe Alexis, diffused by Clément Macoin, on a text by the writer, they propose an immersive experience to put us in touch with the ecosystems and envisage a world where rivers, lakes and forests will become subjects of law. This performance will be followed by a conversation about the hearings of the Loire Parliament and what Camille de Toledo calls "the legal uprising of the Earth": with Marine Yzquierdo and Marie Toussaint.

Camille de Toledo, writer, doctor of literature, resident at IEA Nantes 2022. He teaches "narrative arts" at ENSAV (La Cambre) in Brussels and ecopoetics at the University of Aix-Marseille.

Marine Yzquierdo, lawy

Translated with DeepL