Sociologue, économiste, Professore a contratto à l’Université Bocconi de Milan (Italie)

Période de résidence : janvier à juin 2009

Discipline(s) : Economie, Sociologie

Spécialité(s) : Sociologie economique

Pays : Italie

Projet de recherche : "Quality and the Calculation of the Human Experience. A sociological and Phenomenological Investigation"

The research project concerns the meaning and role of quality as a keyword of contemporary societies.
What we face is a collection of qualities (such as quality of university, quality of territory, quality of administration, quality of regulation, quality of life) and, at the same time, the diffusion of devices and practices (among which codification, normalisation, standardization) which are aimed at measuring, controlling and certifying quality.
But how is the very sense of the "quality turn" to be thought? And how should we interpret the relationship between treating the most diverse social phenomena in terms of quality and constructing those phenomena as calculable objects and as resources?
One of the leading hypotheses of the analysis is that the power of quality has to do with a demand for universal calculability; where the issue of the calculation of the entire human experience is strictly related to the project of making it a knowable object, which can be unconditionally communicated.


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