Rachid Filali-Meknassi

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of IAS-Nantes



Rachid Filali- Meknassi is a lawyer, Professor at the Mohamed V University in Rabat Adgal. He authored numerous books on social law and labour law. He is as well interested in the question of Human Roghts and was the founder of the Marocan Association for Human Rights, in the 70s. He is a Member of the National Council of the NGO Transparency Maroc, on organization for which he used to be the Secretary General from 2008 to 2012.

He is as well a consultant for international organisations, notably the International Labour Organization for which he is an expert in trade union freddom. He is a Member of the several Marocan institutions, such as the Higher Council for Regional Development or the National Committee for Freedom of Press.