16 march 2016

Workshop: "Globalness" – Experiences of Planetarity

Wednesday,16th and Thursday 17th,  March 2016

Workshop proposed by Emmanuel Droit (Fellow 2012-2013) in partnership with the Centre Marc Bloch and the Nantes Institute for Advanced Study 

The social dynamics of globalisation are not limited to technological, economic, political or cultural integration. Beyond worldwide infrastructures for traffic and media, transnational corporations or international organisations, globalisation means circulation of ideas around the globe. Not only in politics and trade, but also in ordinary everyday contexts certain expectations and imaginaries come to converge, subjects emerge who conceive their actions or existence in the horizon of the world. Globalisation is, hence, not only about material and institutional structures, but also about the structures of subjectivity and the consciousness. While worldwide circulations and interrelations have been studied broadly and intensively in the last two decades, this latter dimension has received much less attention. The aim of this workshop is to address this gap and to explore globalisation in terms of experience, subjectivity and consciousness. The central question is how to study »globalness«, understood as the experience of living in a planetarily constituted world.Read more