21 june 2011

"The State, The Society & Water" Conference in English by Anupam Mishra


Tuesday, June 21th, at 6:00PM
Amphitheater SIMONE WEIL
5 allée Jacques Berque, Nantes




Faced with the inadequacies of the modern water distribution system of India, Which has disrupted conservation & distribution methods, The rehabilitation of traditional techniques opens up a new perspective that is both less costly & more respectful of the environment & the local, social fabric. the use of village  community technical know-how is based on the direct panning, execution & maintenance by the society.It insures equitable sharing of both the work & the benefits, at the same time as constituting a system of values that greatly structures the relationship of men with the divine & nature.Water is primarily an ethical & cultural issue & not a consumer product. The presentation highlights the time tested techniques in the desert of India, Which receives lowest rainfall, highest temperatures with high salinity in ground water.




A Gandhian and an environmental activist Anupam Mishra has spent decades in the field of environment protection and water conservation and is among the most knowledgeable persons in India on traditional water harvesting systems. He has travelled to various part of the country, especially Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, visiting various water harvesting systems managed by people. 

Dr. Mishra has interacted with grassroots-level water harvesters, inspired and supported them and helped them in their traditional water harvesting systems campaign. Winner of the Indira Gandhi National Environment Award, Mishra has been associated with the Gandhi Peace Foundation since its inception. He has authored two books on traditional water management and water harvesting systems in India, titled Aaj Bhi Khare Hain Talaab (Ponds are Still Relevant) and Rajasthan Ki Rajat Boonde (The Radiant Raindrops of Rajasthan).

Dr. Mishra continues to travel to different parts of the country, while keeping in touch with grassroot-level water harvesters and NGOs and inspiring them. The mission of the Gandhi Peace Foundation is to promote the environmental activities of rural development agencies; to prepare survey reports on distressed areas and place them before concerned authorities; to disseminate environmental information through the publication of up-to-date reports on environmental issues; to organise workshops and seminars for environmental experts, policy makers, individuals and organizations engaged in environmental issues.

[Dr. Anupam Mishra continues his association with the Gandhi Peace Foundation working in the field of environment protection and water conservation.]