The Nantes Institute of Advanced Studies is celebrating its tenth anniversary on Thursday 28th February and Friday 1st March! [Information and bookings]
23 january 2019

The Nantes Institute of Advanced Studies is celebrating its tenth anniversary on Thursday 28th February and Friday 1st March! [Information and bookings]

On Thursday 28th February and Friday 1st March, the Nantes Institute of Advanced Studies will celebrate its tenth anniversary at the Cité des Congrès (Nantes International Convention Centre) with a public event.

In the course of these two days, participants and speakers will be invited to reflect upon the major issues and challenges facing our societies through a series of five round tables. Over a hundred researchers from all over the world, representing the three hundred hosted at the Institute since its creation, will come together to think the world differently.

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Thursday 28th February: The Institute, Businesses and Territory, in partnership with The Arch

8.30am/Room 300
Reception of participants and introduction to the day
With Françoise Rubellin (Director of the Institute), Samuel Jubé (former director), Alain Supiot (president of the Institute’s Strategic Committee, co-founder of the Institute), Jean-Marc Ayrault (former Prime Minister, member of the board and co-founder of the Institute), Yves Gillet (president of Keran group) and Damien Grimont (director of Profil Grand Large), project leaders of The Arch 2021.

10am-12pm/Room 300
Round table: “Territories, imaginaries and prospectives”
Moderated by Cécile Petident.
With Pierre Musso (member of the Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board), Sophie Levy (director of the Nantes Museum of Arts), Yves Gillet (president of Keran group), Alain Schlesser (director general of CCIR Pays de la Loire), Pierre Veltz (engineer and sociologist), Pascal Feillard (Altran) and Fellows of the Institute: Alfonsina Bellio (EPHE, CNRS, Groupe Sociétés, Religions, Laïcités), Danouta Liberski-Bagnoud (CNRS, Centre d’études des mondes africains) and  Salvador Urrieta Garcia (Institut polytechnique national, Mexique).
What is a territory for its stakeholders? What connections exist between territories, imaginaries and representations of our futures? Territories and globalization: identities, boundaries, cohesion, competition?

2pm-4pm/Room 300
Round table: “Labour transformations”
Introduction by Alain Supiot (professor at the Collège de France), moderated by Philippe Petit.
With Fellows of the Institute: Daniel Damasio Borges (São Paulo State University, Brazil), Gerd Spittler (Bayreuth University, Germany), Aiqing Zheng (Remnin University, China), Supriya Routh (National University of juridical sciences, India), Jeseong Park (Korean Labour Institute, South Korea) and Isaïe Dougnon (Fordham University, United States and Bamako University, Mali) and representatives from the economic world: Lionel Fournier (regional director of Harmonie Mutuelle and president of DRO), Cyril Cosme (director of the French office of the OIT) and Vincent Caupin (Director of the Department of Economic Diagnostics and Public Policies of the French Development Agency).

This round table will bring together Fellows of the Institute from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America to discuss the transformations and developments in labour generated by societal and technical changes, by looking at differences between countries. Their contributions will be put into perspective by the reactions of representatives from the world of economy.

4.30pm-6.30pm/Room 300
Round table: “Society, Industry Undertakings and Futures”
Introduction by Pierre Musso (member of the Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board), moderated by Cécile Petident.
With Louis Gallois (co-president of la Fabrique de l’Industrie and president of the PSA Group supervisory board), Jean Peyrelevade (economist and former president of Crédit Lyonnais), Sébastien Massart (director of strategy, Dassault Systèmes), Michel Volle (economist, vice-president of l’Institut d’iconomie), Pierre Victoria (director of sustainable development, Veolia) and Fellows of the Institute: Lakshmi Subramanian (Godrej Archives, India) and Gaël Giraud (chief economist of the French Development Agency).
What is the role of business in society? What can humanities and social sciences contribute to enterprise and innovation? What industries for the future and what futures for industry?

6.45pm/Grande Galerie, by invitation only
Official ten-year celebration
In the presence of Johanna Rolland, President of the Nantes Institute of Advanced Studies foundation. The official speeches will be followed by a cocktail reception.


Friday 1st March: The Institute and Words of the World, in partnership with Atlantide Festival

9am/Room 300
Reception of participants and introduction to the day
With Françoise Rubellin (director of the Institute) and Alain Mabanckou (artistic director of Atlantide festival).

10am-12pm/Room 300
Round table: “The World Concept Tour”
Moderated by Clément Lesort.
With Fellows from the Institute: Suleiman Mourad (Smith College, United States), José Burucua (National University of San Martin, Argentina), Souleymane Bachir Diagne (Columbia University, United States), Kazmer Kovacs (Sapientia University, Romania), Ward Keeler (The University of Texas at Austin, United States), Augustin Emane (Université de Nantes) and Lakshmi Subramanian (Fellow of the Institute, Godrej Archives, India).
In the spirit of the World Concept Tour, published in 2014 in the collection Poids et Mesures du Monde (IEA-Fayard), the Institute Fellows will collectively explore the concepts of “identity” and “equality” from the perspective of different cultures.

2pm-4pm/Room 300
Round table: “Digital culture, humanist culture”
Introduction by Françoise Rubellin (director of the Institute and professor at l’Université de Nantes), moderated by Clément Lesort.
With Jan Clarke (Fellow of the Institute, Durham University, England), Mylène Pardoen (CNRS, Institut des Sciences de l’Homme in Lyon), Paul François (architect and engineer, Laboratoire des sciences du numérique in Nantes), Jeffrey Leichman (Fellow of the Institute, Louisiana State University, United States), Catherine Becchetti-Bizot (inspector general, ex-director of Digital Technology for Education), Payal Arora (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands).
Digital technology stupefies us with its promises and its threats, particularly for the humanities. Testimonials, demonstrations and viewpoints from the South to help us think differently…

9pm/Auditorium 800 – singletariff of 10 € (by reservation only).
Closing concert
Pierrot Lunaire, musical show (Schoenberg) featuring Bunraku theatre, with the Ensemble Musica Nigella, conducted by Takenori Nemoto and directed by Jean-Philippe Desrousseaux.

The program can be downloaded here ici.