14 may 2014

"The Malian Crisis" an interview of Ousmane Sidibé, Fellow at IAS-Nantes in 2012-2013, in the New Left Review

New Left Review 84, November/December 2013

Ousmane Sidibé is Professor of Law at the University of Bamako (Mali) since 2006 and Commissioner for Institutional Reform in Mali since 2001. He was Minister for Employment, Civil Service and Labor, managing director of the Ecole Nationale de l’Administration, Minister of State Reform, and African Program Coordinator for the participation of workers. He was a Fellow at IAS-Nantes from October to December 2012.


The journal of political and economical analysis The New Left Review has published in its November issue an inerview of Ousmane Sidibé where he discusses his country’s post-colonial history and the collapse of an effective state laid bare by the crises of 2012—insurgency in the north, coup in the capital—now compounded by ongoing French and UN interventions.


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