Publication of
01 september 2016

Publication of "Une histoire du Wahhabisme" by Hamadi Redissi, former Fellow at the IAS-Nantes

Following his fellowship at the IAS-NAntes in 2015-2016, Hamadi Redissi publishes Une histoire du wahhabisme.Comment l’islam sectaire est devenu l’islam.

Hamadi Redissi is Professor in Political Science, University of Tunis. He is author of several publications, in comparative perspective (history, theory and sociology). Apart from several interviews (newspapers, radios and Televisions) and dozens of academic contributions on various issues.His most recent publications include l’Exception islamique (Seuil, 2004), le Pacte de Nadjd (Seuil, 2007) et la tragédie de l’islam moderne (2011). Deeply involved in Tunisian public debate, he is honorific president of Observatoire Tunisien de la Transition Démocratique.