Publication of the book
20 november 2015

Publication of the book "Rendre la justice à Amid" by Yavuz Aykan

Yavuz Aykan, fellow at the IAS-Nantes (2013-2014),  PhD at the EHESS, is publishing his new book caleld "Rendre la justice à Amid - Procédures, acteurs et doctrines dans le contexte ottoman du XVIIIème siècle".


In Rendre la justice à Amid, Yavuz Aykan analyses the legal life of the city of Amid, the capital of Ottoman Diyarbekir province in the 18th century. Making use of court records from the cities of Amid, Harput and Mardin, he explores the centrality of the qadi, the provincial governor, and the provincial mufti to law enforcement. By tracing the genealogies of legal texts used by the mufti for fatwa production, Aykan maps out the broader transformations of various judicial interpretations in their journey from Greater Syria to Transoxiana and the Golden Horde, and finally into Ottoman legal praxis. As such, this book offers a far more historicized approach to the multiple actors and hierarchies of juridical systems operating in this provincial setting.

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