Lecture by Alain Prochiantz :
14 january 2014

Lecture by Alain Prochiantz : "Sapiens A different species"

On Tuesday January 14th 2014 at 6:00 pm at Amphitheater Simone Weil

Alain Prochiantz is head of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology at Collège de France. He has been head of the CNRS unit "Development and Evolution of the Nervous System” and has chaired the Department of Biology at ENS. His lab made major discoveries on signaling mechanism based on the intercellular transfer leading to the identification of the first transduction peptides capable of addressing pharmacological substances to the cell interior.


Introduction to the lecture

“The evolution reminds us of our inorganic origin as well of our ties to the living world. To be born, to evolve, and to pass away: we are not machines, it is undeniable (not everyone can be a machine).Our affiliation to the animal world is just as obvious but it doesn’t make us apes, not even chimpanzees who yet are our closest cousins. What events led up to this distance from animality and how can we think this very essence of human beings?”

Alain Prochiantz



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