Labour in the 21st century
Conference by Alain Supiot at the lieu unique
10 december 2019

Labour in the 21st century Conference by Alain Supiot at the lieu unique

Tuesday 10th December
6 pm
At the lieu unique, Nantes 
IEAoLU conferences series
Free admission subject to availability 


One hundred years ago, the International Labour Organization was set up to support the efforts of countries wanting to improve the lot of workers and to ensure that these efforts did not disadvantage them with respect to countries which refrained from doing so. In 1944, the Declaration of Philadelphia recommended that “all the programs of action and measures of an economic or financial nature” must “support and not undermine […]the right [of all human beings] to pursue their material well-being and their spiritual development in freedom and dignity, in economic security and with equal opportunities.” While these missions have maintained their full value and relevance today, the conditions in which they are carried out have changed dramatically.

The conference will address this issue by first highlighting the challenges that are common to our planet as a whole (ecology, IT revolution and legal standards) and then analysing them from the perspective of the diversity of experiences and cultures, both those of the old industrial nations and those of the emerging nations.

Alain Supiot is professor at the Collège de France and emeritus fellow of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Nantes. His work has focused predominantly on two complementary fields: social law and legal theory. He has just published “Le travail au XXIe siècle” (Labour in the 21st century, Les Editions de l’Atelier, 2019).


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