Juliette Grange : conference on
24 october 2017

Juliette Grange : conference on "The Republican Idea nowadays"

Tuesday 24th October, 6 p.m., at the Institute for Advanced Study

The conferences organized by the IAS-Nantes started again last Tuesday, on 10th October, with a presentation by Dominique Cardon on algorithms and the predictable world (the video of that conference is now available here). The second conference of the year will this time take place at the Institute, in the Simone Weil auditorium. Juliette Grange will honor us by opening the series of free conferences given at the IAS-Nantes, on Tuesday the 24th October at 6 p.m.

A philosopher by training, Juliette Grange is a specialist of French philosophical thought during the 19th century, of the relationship between Humanities, ethics and politics, and technique and environmental matters. During her conference at the IAS-Nantes, she will question the Republicain idea nowadays : what is a Republican policy? What is the difference between democracy and republicanism? What distinguishes « French republicanism » from « Anglo-Saxon republicanism »? To do so, her conference will consist in three parts:

  • - People and republic : what does « to represent » mean?
  • - The depersonalization of power : separation and disembodiment.
  • - Autonomy of the subject, individual’s freedom.

Before her conclusion and the debate with the audience, Ms Grange will open up the subject to the larger issue of "the nation-state, the European future of the Republican idea".

Juliette Grange has a Ph.D. in philosophy, she is a full-time professor in the University of Tours-François Rabelais (modern and contemporary philosophy) and she specialises in the French philosophical thought in the 19th century. She wrote, among others, La Philosophie d’Auguste Comte (PUF, 1996), L’Idée de République (Agora Pocket) and co-edited the Œuvres complètes of St-Simon (PUF, 2012). Soon, she will publish a book on the new Conservatives.

IAS’conferences, whether they take place at the Institute or at the Lieu Unique, are free and open to the general public, but you already can book a seat by filling up the form below.

You wish to get prepared for that conference? Here is the reading list given by Juliette Grange herself:

  • - Juliette Grange, L’Idée de République, Agora Pocket, 2008.
  • - J-G-A Pocock, The Machiavellian Moment: Florentine Political Thought and the Atlantic Republican Tradition, Princeton, 1975, rééd. 2003
  • - Philip Pettit, Republicanism, 1997 / Républicanisme, Gallimard, 2004.