Interview with Olga Dror, IEA Nantes resident 2020-21:
31 may 2022

Interview with Olga Dror, IEA Nantes resident 2020-21: "North Vietnam was educating for the war. The South, for the post-war period. "

Interview by Louis Raymond for the journal of Asian cultures and diasoras: Les cahiers du Nem

Olga Dror is a professor of contemporary history at Texas A&M University. Her work focuses on the history of religions and the Vietnam War. Born in the Soviet Union, she studied in Israel before moving to the United States where she received her PhD from Cornell University in 2003. She is currently a visiting director of studies at the École pratique des Hautes études in Paris. On this occasion, we are publishing this major interview conducted in the spring of 2021, when she was a resident at the Institut des études avancées de Nantes. In this first part, we discuss her latest book and the historiography of the Vietnam War. The second part, to be published later, will deal with her current research on the cult of Ho Chi Minh.