IEAoLU Tuesdays with Bernard Thibault and Alain Supiot
11 october 2016

IEAoLU Tuesdays with Bernard Thibault and Alain Supiot

Tuesday 11th October at 6pm, Lieu Unique, free entry

"There can be no lasting peace without social justice" :  dialogue between Bernard Thibault, member of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organisation and former General Secretary of the CGT, and Alain Supiot, professor at the Collège de France and emeritus fellow of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Nantes.

 One of the lessons learnt from the First World War and repeated after the Second, is “that universal and lasting peace can only be based on social justice”. For several decades, “social progress” has been demonstrated by an improvement in rights, freedoms and basic conditions for workers. This is no longer the case today and the promises of “happy globalization” have been contradicted by the harsh realities of globalization, with the staggering increase in inequalities, the rise in unemployment and precarious working conditions, the loss of democratic control over economic policy and the resurgence of identity turmoil, with the violence and wars that follow in its wake. The neoliberal version of globalization has made competition an absolute which has spread over the entire planet, and particularly in Europe where social rights are often presented as “privileges” from another era. The human damage caused by this global social war is tremendous. What are the reasons for this situation? What are the causes, who is responsible and how can we get out of it?