IEAoLU Tuesdays :
13 december 2016

IEAoLU Tuesdays : "La Mosaïque de l’islam" discussion with Suleiman Mourad et Perry Anderson

Tuesday, 13th December 13 at 6pm at Lieu Unique, free entry

Conference by Suleiman Mourad and Perry Anderson about "La mosaïque de l’Islam.Entretien sur le Coran et le djihadisme avec Perry Anderson".

Suleiman Mourad is Professor of religion at Smith College, United-States and Perry Anderson is professeur of history and sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles.They are both former Fellows at the IAS-Nantes.

In the book “La Mosaïque de l’islam"  recently published by Fayard, a historian famous for his comparative studies interviews an expert in Islamic history about the Quran. Together, they retrace the great events of this history and bring to light the disputes which have informed the development, organization and destiny of the last monotheistic religion. Answering Perry Anderson’s questions, Suleiman Mourad thus depicts the flourishing of schools for Quranic exegesis and the endless controversies resulting from the interpretation of Islam’s founding texts. A far cry from the largely romanticised image of a monolithic Islam, we are presented with a rich mosaic of traditions and diverse interpretations. Being aware of this wealth and diversity is an antidote to all forms of fundamentalism.