IEAoLU Tuesdays : Frédéric Lordon
04 april 2017

IEAoLU Tuesdays : Frédéric Lordon

Tuesday 4th April 2017 at 6pm, Lieu Unique, free entry

The affective dimension of politics

Conference with Frédéric Lordon, sociologist and economist, research director at CNRS, researcher at the European Centre for Sociology.

 Frédéric Lordon proposes to reestablish the recognition of affect in the social sciences. Affective states are the effects of social structures, which they reproduce or subvert. We can take individual affect seriously without necessarily relinquishing the study of social structures. Affective states should be understood as an effect on individuals of social structures, which they reproduce or subvert. The consideration of individual and collective affect therefore makes it possible to articulate structure and history, by reintroducing the contingency into the life of institutions.

Pre-Ford, Ford and neo-liberal capitalism each established a regime of desires and affect. Each stage of capitalism is inseparable from a mindset which constantly renews itself, that of self-fulfilment in today’s world taking precedence over goods.

Frédéric Lordon will address the issues of politics, the nation and internationalism from an affective viewpoint.



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