23 january 2014

"Diary" by Perry Anderson in the London Review of Books

London Review of Books, Vol 36, n°2, 23 janvier 2014

Following his stay at the Nantes Institute in 2012-2013, Perry Anderson has just published an article about Nantes and France in the London Review of Books.


Excerpt from the article

About IAS-Nantes

" (...) The result is a unique creation, combining lively intellectual exchange, high-spirited conviviality and an international sensibility for North-South relations without equivalent in Europe, or indeed anywhere else. Here, for a year, you are at the same table with Mauritanian, Brazilian, Chinese, Indian, Russian, Lebanese, Senegalese or Ivorian or Iraqi, along with French, German or other Union scholars and artists, learning more every week about the real world – not the artificial Atlantic one – we live in. That the institute should be situated on the Loire, rather than the Seine, is a tribute to ancestral French diversity. Anything less ‘provincial’, in the pejorative sense of the term, could not be imagined than this vantage-point for reflecting on what globalisation should, and does not mean. (...) "


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