Call for applications:
31 october 2019

Call for applications: "Health of the Future" (NExT)

Closing date: 31st October 2019

Each year, the “Health of the future” chair will welcome a researcher at Nantes-IAS, on the terms outlined below, whose work will help to put in perspective health issues not only in the light of medical developments, but also in terms of the subject and societies.What conditions are neededto produce enlightened practitioners? What are the conditions for sharing and accessing healthcare? What are the conditions and limits of using big data, predictive modelling or tele-medicine? Beyond this first circle of questioning, how can we define the “normal” state of living beings in the midst of the technological and social transformations we are experiencing? What kinds of imaginaries are at work behind the promises of regenerative medicine? How can we benefit from the diversity of medical knowledge around the world? How can we organise analysis perimeters between the molecular level and that of the individual, social groups or societies?How can we overcome the typically western oppositions of body and mind, psyche and soma, man and environment? How can we take account of evolving risks? What funding models should we adopt? These are a few examples of issuesthatwill form the basis of this chair. Itis open to biologists and doctors as well as to researchers in humanities and social sciences, given the theoretical and critical nature of the work which is intended to raise wide-ranging questions.The “Health of the Future” chair will also form part of the development of a body of world-renowned expertise based in Nantes, as part of the NExT (Nantes Excellence Trajectory) project backed by the French government under the Future Investment Program.

NExT Initiative

The NExT Initiative aims to develop a trajectory of excellence in research, training and technology transfer for the Nantes university site and to implement an ambitious policy of visibility and international attractiveness. Focused on two strong themes, health of the future and industry of the future, the NExT project is implemented by four founding members (University of Nantes, École Centralede Nantes, University Hospital of Nantes and INSERM) with the ambition to place the new university of Nantes on the world map of universities, but also to strenghten and to develop close links between academic players and the business world. To find out more about NExT :

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