29 july 2013

"Calculating the human" by Luigi Doria, Fellow at IAS-Nantes in 2008-2009

224 pages, Palgrave McMillan, July 2013


Luigi Doria, spécialiste de sociologie économique, chercheur au Centre Maurice Halbwachs (CNRS - EHESS - ENS; Paris) et résident à l'IEA de Nantes en 2009, a publié aux éditions Palgrave McMillan un ouvrage intitulé Calculating the Human : Universal Calculability in the Age of Quality Assurance ('calculer l'humain : la calculabilité universelle dans l'ère de l'assurance qualité').

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Résumé de l'ouvrage (en anglais) :

Why does contemporary calculation proceed as calculation of the quality of everything, to the extent that quality comes to be perceived as a controversial word, endowed with enigmatic power? How should we consider calculation of quality? And how, from the perspective of quality, can we renew questioning on the very nature of the calculative and on the (in)calculability of the human? In what way should we approach quality and calculability in current socio-economic and managerial scenarios? In considering quality of life and its calculation, how can we reflect on the issue of life enhancement? What does it mean that, precisely under the banner of quality, life, in its individuality and totality, emerges as being obviously calculable and enhanceable? How should we think of quality, calculation and life when life resonates on the scale of the post-human?

These are some of the main questions that the book addresses through a phenomenological investigation and an analysis of the social science debate.