14 may 2014

"After the euro, the Avra", by Chris Hann, Fellow at IAS-Nantes in 2013-2014

Soundings, a journal of politics and culture, Issue 56, Spring 2014

Chris Hann is the Director of the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Halle, germany. He heads the department “Resilience and Transformation in Eurasia”. Hann has worked in many branches of anthropology, which he views primarily as comparative sociology.


He has just published in article about the Euro in the British magazine Soundings, a journal of politics and culture. In this publication he argues that a common currency should remain a central component of international co-operation and redistribution. But European debates on the compatibility of capitalism and democracy must be radically reframed if the currency, and the structures underpinning it, are to succeed.

The article is available online in open-acess on the plateform Eurozine.

> Article on eurozine.com

> Article as pdf