2010/2011 fellows


2010/2011 fellows
09 october 2009

2010/2011 fellows



Hashim AL TAWIL, professeur d’histoire de l’art, Henry Ford Community College (Michigan, USA)
"Comprehensive Account of the Arabic Text on the Ceilings of the Cappella Palatina in Palermo"


Simon BOUQUET, sciences du langage, Maître de conférences à l’Université Paris X Nanterre (France)
"Elements de linguistique néosaussurienne"


Sudhir CHANDRA, historian, Golden Jubilee Professor, Mizoram University, Aizawl (India)
"Gandhi : An Inquiry into a Recessive Discourse"


Sung-Eun CHOI, historian, Claremont Graduate University (South Korea/USA)
"Decolonization and Geopolitical Relationship after Empire, Decolonization in French Algeria, the Crisis of Repatriation of Colonial Settlers, and the Policy of Integration of the French from Algeria"


Cristina CIUCU, specialist in jewish studies, assistant lecturer in Bucarest University (Roumania)
"Political Zionism and Religious anti-Zionism. Searching for an Identity, Redefining Nation"


Paola de CUZZANI, philosopher, historian of ideas, Professor in Bergen University (Italy/Norway)
"Prophetism between political utopia and scientific prediction"


Alan FORREST, historian, Professor of Modern History, University of York (UK)
"The death of the French atlantic"


Pekka HÄMÄLÄINEN, historian, Associate professor of Bordelands and Native American history, University of California (Finland/USA)
"The shapes of power: frontiers, borderlands, middle grounds and empire in North America"


Suzette HEALD, social anthropologist, research fellow, London School of Economics (UK)
"Keeping the peace in Kuria: film and a vigilante movement in rural Kenya"


Hélène JOUSSE, archéozoologue, post-doctorante Programme Lise Meitner Wissenschaftfonds (FWF), Muséum d´Histoire naturelle de Vienne (Autriche/ France)
"Etablissement des sociétés proto-urbaines du Dhar Néma, Mauritanie sud orientale"


Kazumaza KADO, Law, history of thought, University of Tokyo (Japan)
"How to reconsider the concept of sovereignty"


Yannick LEMARCHAND, Management Sciences, Institut d’Economie et Management de Nantes - IAE, Université de Nantes (France)
« Merchant’s profits and accounts in Europe and America, 1750-1815 - Accounting and correspondance of the Chaurand"


Chihiro MINATO, Art, photography, anthropology, professor at Tama Art University, Tokyo (Japan)
"Art and collective memory; workshop: practical and theoretical vision"


George MPEDI, labour law and social security, Johannesburg University (South Africa)
"Responding to diversity and informality: regulating the world of work and social protection in developing countries, with a particular emphasis on South Africa"


Lidia PROKOFYEVA, socio-economy, professor at the Academy of Science in Moscow (Russia)
"Poverty and welfare. Strategies of individual and collective survival"


Andrea ROBIGLIO, Philosophy, history, Lecturer at the Fribourg-en-Brisgau University (Italy/Germany)
"Ontological margin on ethics. The concept of dignity in the formation of practical knowledge"


Pierre SONIGO, physician, biochemist, research director at Bio-Rad France (Food Science Division) (France)
"A life within ourselves: an ecological vision of the body"


Jacques TSHIBWABWA - KUDITSHINI, Political and Administrative Sciences, University of Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo)
"Mutations and renewed appearance of the "local" shaped by lucrative armed conflict and the dynamics of globalization: an anthropo-political approach to policy"


Arild UTAKER, Philosopher, Professor at the Bergen University (Norway)
"The mystery of language, introduction to transcendental anthropology"




Shigehisa KURIYAMA, Historian, Medical history, Professor at the Harvard University, Cambridge( USA)


Udayan VAJPEYI, Physiologist, Writer, Teaches physiology in Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal (India)




Ibrahima THIOUB, Historian, Professor at the Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar (Senegal)