Jacques Berque

Born in 1910 in Frenda (Molière) in Algeria, Jacques Berque has deeply marked the Franco-Arab and Mediterranean relationships, as a man of ground and spirit. He first worked in Morocco (1934-1953), then as an international expert in Egypt (1953-1955) and was Professor at the Collège de France where he taught (1956-1981) the social history of contemporary Islam. He is the author of twenty books and numerous articles. Parallel to his studies on social structures of the Maghreb countries and the Middle East, and in relation with his analysis of the Koran and Arab thought, he came very early to denounce bureaucratic authoritarianism of colonialism, the ravages of war in Algeria , contempt of Europe walled in its arrogance towards the people of the South. He died in Saint-Julien-en-Born in the Landes, in 1995.

At the opening weeks of the Institute on 26 February 2009, a round table with Pierre Legendre, Ali El Kenz, and Julien Berque, one of his son, has mentioned the figure of Jacques Berque. In addition, a text composed by Augustin, his other son, was read.

These contributions are available by clicking on the links below:

- Contribution of Pierre Legendre

- Contribution of Ali El Kenz

Furthermore, during the inauguration of the allée Jacques Berque, Jean-Marc Ayrault delivered a discourse .