BFA Visual Arts/ Indonesia Institute of Arts, Indonesia.

Discipline(s) : Visual arts

Pays : Indonesia


Research project

Long Hanging FruitsThis project tries to explore the complexity behind the economics of palm oil. From thelong debates about devastating ecologies, exploited labor, land conflicts of indigenouspeople in Global South into the consumer’s ethic and public policies relate to the chainfrom production into consumption.My interest is to examine this paradoxical situation, between the ethics and politics thatare entangled with capital and profit that invests in the palm oil industry, which in theend generated some policies. I am eager to see the discourse between the morals andpolitics of the government, corporation, investors and shareholders that has to beaccountable and responsible for the climate crisis, ecology and humanitarian. Goingparallelly the same actors through market forces and involved the government and lawset the regulations on the management of joint stock corporations and transnationalfinancial markets, which facilitated cooperation between metropolitan investors andfrontier entrepreneurs.



Elia NURVISTA explores a wide range of art mediums with an interdisciplinary approachand focuses on the discourse on food. Through food, she intends to scrutinize power,social, and economic inequality in this world.In 2015 she initiated “Bakudapan”, a food study group, with colleagues frominterdisciplinary backgrounds. With Bakudapan she has conducted research on foodwithin the socio-political and cultural context. She is also part of Struggles forSovereignty, the solidarity platform on land, water, farming, food which was initiated byBakudapan and Bodies of Power/Power for Bodies.She has participated in several exhibitions including Dhaka Art Summit in Dhaka (2020),Karachi Biennale in Karachi (2019) and ‘The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of ContemporaryArt’,at QAGOMA, Brisbane (2018) among others. She was nominated for Visible award(2017)for socially-engaged practices. She also curated Jogja Biennale Equator VI;Indonesia with Oceania (2021), ADAM LAB at TPAC (Taipei Performing Arts Center)

Previous projects and exhibitions

• Solo and Two-person exhibition 

"Reconstructed Biotope", curated by Manshur Zikri, Cemeti Institute for Art and Society,
Yogyakarta, Indonesia [two-person exhibition with Youngho Lee)

"Früchtlinge" curated by Daniela Leykam, at Villa 102, Frankfurt am Main, Germany [twoperson
exhibition with Andres Pereira Paz)
"Früchtlinge" at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany.

"Adiboga Wonoasri" at Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, collaborated with

“Story of Thread” at Koganecho Bazaar 2012, Yokohama, Japan, curated by Mayumi

• Group exhibitions (selected)

’Open studio’ Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, The Netherland.
’60 x 60’, Museum Brot und Kunst, Ulm, Germany
’Integral Historia’ Curated by Sun A Moon, Space Afroasia, Seoul, South Korea.
’Košice Seed Library: Seeds that Move’, Curated by Borbala Soos, Šopa Gallery, Košice,
"Fertile Ground", Curated by Olivia Poloni and Sarah Bond, Horsham Regional Art Gallery,
Melbourne, Australia

"Cast But One Shadow: Afro -Southeast Asian Affinities", Curated by Carlos Quijon Jr. and
Kathleen Ditzig, UP Vargas Museum, Manila, Philippines.
"Mediascape: Materials, Senses and Beyond", Galeri Salihara, Jakarta, Indonesia.
"Sugar and Salt", curated by Jongeun Lim, SulSul Center, Seoul, South Korea.
"Fertile Ground", curated by Olivia Poloni and Sarah Bond, Centre for Contemporary
Photography, Melbourne, Australia.
"Refrigerator Illusion", curated by Soyean Goak and Hyoyoon Shim, Asia Culture Centre,
Gwangju, South Korea.
"New Adventures In Vexillology’’, curated by Valeska Hageney, Kunstverein Amrum,
"From The Forest Ashes", FoodCulture Days, curated by Valentina D’ Avenia, Vevey,

"There’s No Place Like", Yavuz Gallery, Singapore, Singapore.
"Interrupted Meals", curated by Liaoliao Fu, at HOW Art Museum, Shanghai, China.
"Dhaka Art Summit; Seismic Movements", curated by Diana Campbell Betancourt, at
Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
"On the Nature of Botanical Gardens", curated by Sadiah Boonstra, at Framer Framed,
Amsterdam, Netherland.
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"Singapore Biennale 2019" With Bakudapan Food Study Group, curated by Renan La-
Ruan, at ICA Lasalle, Singapore.
"Karachi Biennale19, curated by Muhammad Zeeshan, at Bagh Ibne Qasim, Karachi,
"Berlin Art Week", with Gallery House Of Egorn curated by Carola Uehlken, at Tempelhof,
Berlin, Germany.
"Soil Is An Inscribed Body", curated by Elena Agudio, at SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin,
“Bruised: Art Action and Ecology in Asia”, curated by Dr. Marnie Badham and Francis
Maravillas, at RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

"9th Asia Pacific Triennale of Contemporary Art (APT9)", curated by Tarun Nagesh,
QAGOMA, Brisbane, Australia.
"Istanbul Design Biennale : A School of Schools", curated by Margarida Mendes, Space X,
Istanbul, Turkey.
"Bodies of Power/Power for Bodies", curated by Sanne Oorthuizen and Alec Steadman, at
Cemeti Institute for Art and Society, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
"How Little You Know About Me", curated by Joo Woon Park, at National Museum of
Modern Contemporary Art (MMCA) Seoul, South Korea.

Curatorial Projects

Jogja Biennale XVI Equator #6 : Indonesia with Oceania, Roots < > Routes, Yogyakarta,

ADAM online platform 2020 ,’TBC Workshopping the Future’, with Madeleine Humprey,
River Lin, Vuth Lyno, Han Xuemei, TPAC, Taiwan.