History, National Research Centre for Social and Cultural Anthropology CRASC

Fellowship : October 2021 to June 2022

Discipline(s) : History

Pays : Algeria



Research project: Algeria (1988-2019): memorial institutions, society in movement and alternative historical narratives

The project focuses on the study of memorial institutions caught up in logics of negotiation, participation and sharing of power and legitimacy.

It also focuses on questions of history and memory in the context of the 22 February 2019 hirak.

In the end, the main objective of the project is to carry out research on the "alternative" discourses that these two dynamics (emergence of new memory institutions since 1988 and the 2019 hirak) put forward.

The project will ground itself, in the first instance, on the exploration of documentation in Arabic, French and English (and probably on oral recordings in Tamazight).

This investigation will be completed by a series of targeted oral interviews (or by correspondence) with historians, institutions, heads of memorial foundations, associations, hirak activists, etc., in France and in Algeria.


Amar Mohand-Amer holds a Ph.D. in History (Paris 7), director of the “Socio-anthropology of history and memory (HistMém)" and deputy director of the journal Insaniyat, at the National Center for Research in Social Anthropology and culture (CRASC) in Oran, Algeria. He works on transition processes (1962), individual and group trajectories, violence in times of war (colonization) and memorial questions.