Professor of History and Sociology - UCLA - USA

Fellowship : October 2012 to June 2013 (Previous fellowship: December 2004)

Discipline(s) : Sociology, History

Pays : Etats-Unis

Research project : "A Comparative Philology of the Concept of Hegemony"

This is an exploration of the different ways in which the notion of ‘hegemony’, now more or less universally diffused, has been conceived in different cultural and political settings in the modern epoch, and the sometimes diametrically opposed meanings attached to it. Among the leading fields which the proposed study will aim to scan will be : the Russian labour movement at the turn of the twentieth century; Italian communism and German conservatism in the inter-war years; American political economy and international relations theory in the post-war period; Indian subaltern studies; classical Chinese thought in the Warring States period, its sequels in the contemporary PRC, and its incidence and transformation in Japan in the early Tokugawa epoch.


Perry Anderson is Professor of History and Sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles. He has written works on the transitions from classical antiquity to feudal society; on the socio-political structures of absolutism; on historians, sociologists and philosophers of the twentieth century; on the intellectual and aesthetic origins of the category of postmodernity; and on theories and realities of the European Union.

Major publications

ANDERSON, Perry. The New Old World. Verso : London, 2009. 561 p.

ANDERSON, Perry. Spectrum. Verso : London, 2005, 398 p.

ANDERSON, Perry. The Origins of Postmodernity. Verso : London, 1998. 143 p.

ANDERSON, Perry. A Zone of Engagement. Verso : London, 1992. 384 p.

ANDERSON, Perry. Lineages of the Absolutist State. London : NLB, 1974,.573 p.