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Services Manager of the Institute

Tél : 02 40 48 30 20

Elisabeth Toublanc is the Head of the IAS Services.

Working directly with the Director, in collaboration with the Secretary General and the Financial and Administration Manager, she contributes to the installation, management and coordination of scientific and cultural events (scientific workshops, public lectures, colloquium, exhibitions and receptions).

She is in charge of the reception conditions and the quality of life of the residents (travel arrangements, development of housing and offices, materials and supplies and restaurant management). As such, she oversees and coordinates the work of the reception and logistics team and the management of the premises.

The reception and logistics team is composed of:

- Ramona Bunduc, Maintenance of offices and apartments.

- Jean-Claude Cornuaud, Maintenance and upkeep of premises

- Anne Graziotin,  Receptionist

- Quentin Roques, Audiovisual, Reception and Logistics Technician

- Hugues Roger, Assistant Director / Communication and logistics Assistant

- François Vincent, IT support